Why We Can't Talk About Depression, Stress or Migraines

You might wonder why it’s sometimes quite tricky to find various “ailments” on our website and we know this can be fustrating if you are looking for a supplement for a specific issue. This is because terms like despression, stress, migraine, IBS, arthritis and so on are medical conditions, and products which treat these conditions must be licensed and regulated by the Medicines and HealthCare Products Regulatory Agency.

Supplement companies cannot ever claim to treat or cure medical conditions. Instead, the claims made on food supplements are regulated by the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations, which specify the claims that can be used on different nutrients. There are lots of health benefits you can talk about for certain nutrients, such as the B vitamins, and very little you can say about others. For example, even the word “probiotic” is deemed to be a health claim (an unauthorised one) and that’s why you’ll usually find us referring to probiotics as “live bacteria”. The regulations are there to protect consumers from companies making outrageous and misleading claims and we believe in following the guidelines, so you’ll never find one of our products claiming to treat migraines, arthritis or any medical condition.

Healthcare Library

We believe strongly that education is key when it comes to looking after your health. It is for this reason we have developed a wide range of information on nutrition for specific conditions and healthcare research that is available for free in our Educational Literature section of the website. We also write weekly articles about the latest healthcare research which are available to read in our News section on our website.

Free Consumer Advice

Our FREE nutrition advice is a confidential service and you are under no obligation to purchase our products.

Simply email us your questions to advice@nutriadvanced.co.uk. We may need to call you back to discuss your query, if this is the case, we try and limit our calls to 15 minutes maximum.

 Are you a health professional?

For our health professionals we also offer a product advice service via our FREEphone service Mon - Fri between the hours of 8.30am - 5.30pm. Simply call us on 0800 043 5777 and choose option 3 to get through to our nutrition team.