UltraPro Whey Testimonial

Ex Great Britain professional rower and blossoming triathlete, Kirsty Myles, explains why Nutri’s UltraPro Whey is her protein shake of choice…

"Participating in gruelling triathlons requires a disciplined diet and training routine to ensure that I’m always at the top of my game. Protein is an essential consideration of any athlete’s diet. But getting the right balance is difficult – there’s only so many meals that you can have in one day! Protein is a macronutrient essential for building muscle and it also helps to reduce muscle damage following exercise, meaning that you can reduce the time between training sessions. It’s also important for immune system support which is often compromised in athletes or those training frequently. Protein also supports insulin sensitivity which is also a vital health consideration for everyone. The reason I use Nutri’s UltraPro Whey is because it’s a great tasting, high-quality protein shake which I can take safely every day to boost my protein intake and keep me on track with my training routine. Having a sweet tooth myself, I know how hard it is to limit your sugar intake, especially when so many products contain hidden sugars. There is very little sugar, natural or otherwise, in UltraPro Whey so there’s nothing to counteract all the goodness you get from the protein. UltraPro Whey is a key part to my training routine and everyday life. It helps me to find that extra few percent when I’m flagging. Give it a go and see if you can notice the difference too."
Kirsty Myles, GB Age Group Triathlete, ex-Great Britain Rower and Physiotherapist

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Key features of UltraPro Whey:
• UltraPro Whey provides over 19 grams of high quality whey protein from grass fed cows per serving, whilst only giving less than 2g of carbohydrate.
• Whey protein is the most researched type of protein and is rich in branched-chain-amino acids which support muscle building and may reduce muscle breakdown.
• Comes in a delicious chocolate or vanilla flavour which mixes with water to make a tasty shake – perfect for on the go!
• Whey powders are famous for tasting, well less than pleasant, but the remarkable thing about UltraPro Whey is that it tastes great without the use of masking agents, sugars or artificial sweeteners.
• Great to mix into a smoothie with some porridge oats or non-dairy milk to make it even more nutritious.
• UltraPro Whey also contains chromium which helps to support blood sugar balance, so you’ll be able to keep on the straight and narrow as the festive treats start to surround you!