30 Day Weight Challenge - Chocolate/Vanilla

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30 Day Weight Challenge - Chocolate/Vanilla
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Weight Challenge Info Pack   +£0.00
UltraMeal (Vanilla) 630g (14 Servings)   +£25.88
UltraMeal (Chocolate) 630g (14 Servings)   +£25.88
Eskimo-3 Extra 50 Capsules - High Strength Fish Oil   +£23.35
Gluco-Chrome 60 Capsules   +£12.01
ThermoMax 60 Tablets   +£21.37

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A 30 day plan using a structured supplement protocol and a targeted food plan. Includes instructions, FAQs, recipes, menu planners and a workbook to fill in.

Please click the products below to view more information about the products used in the 30 Day Weight Challenge.

Please note this programme contains non-vegetarian and non-vegan products

  UltraMeal Vanilla   UltraMeal Vanilla    Eskimo-3 Extra   Thermomax   Gluco-Chrome
Eskimo®-3 Extra



Product Code: WLSOYMIX


The 30 Day Weight Challenge Programme Pack contains:

 • All Supplements
     - 2 x UltraMeal™ Vanilla
     - 2 x UltraMeal™ Chocolate
     - 2 x Eskimo®-3 Extra
     - 1 x Gluco-Chrome
     - 1 x ThermoMax

 • Programme Instructions

 • Recipes

 • A Food List

 • Menu Planners

 • 30 Day Diet Diary

 • A Workbook to Fill in

 • FAQs



Nutri Advanced supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Results may vary between individuals.